Sunday, February 28, 2010

Cactus and Friends

So I've got this idea right. Its been mulling around in my head for some time now. Its a really cute idea about some house plants on a rainy day. I'm not the best at 3D modeling, I still have a lot to learn when it comes to it, but thanks to a very good friend of mine, last night he helped me and has motivated me to work hard!!!!! >D He says my project should be done by the end of the week.....but goal is probably for the end of March...hahaha. But what's important is that now I feel confident about my project! So thanks Kenny!!!!!

He helped give me a crash course in Cinema 4D and is a fellow classmate. So please check out his blog!

Thanks! Till next time,

Friday, February 19, 2010

Tagging Traditions

Here is an awesome project that my Installation Art class last year worked on.What it was, was the class broke into groups and came up with individual ideas to put in a gallery space at the Cincinnati Art Museum. It was myself and my friends Sunny and Kristen in one group. We came up with our idea and presented it to the head of the museum. AND THEY CHOSE OUR IDEA!!! At the time, we were the only sophmores in a class of all seniors and grad students, and they really liked our idea and presentation! It is titled Tagging Traditions.

The idea was for the gallery to have a reaction piece to the museum's current main attraction. It was "China Design Now". This exhibit was a show case of China's upcoming graphic art and media art, showing the improvement of technology and art sweeping the country. So our reaction piece was to set up the gallery as a "modern flashback" idea. What we did is we graffitied the gallery walls in Chinese characters. So we have a modern graffiti art here. But the actual characters were words from ancient Chinese poetry and literature. So we created an atmosphere of modern art that still retains its historical roots. Along with that, each student picked a meaningful phrase/word and created their own individual graffiti cut out to be hung on the wall. To add to the atmosphere, colored lenses were placed over the ceiling lights to create a more intimate atmosphere.

This one is specifically my piece. It roughly says "Long long will friendship last". It is surrounded by 3 animals: a bird, bunny, and squirrel. These animals in turn represent me, Sunny, and Kristen, to go along with the friendship quote.

Here I am working!

Here's me and Sunny working......or are we???? lol

Here are the links to Sunny and Kristen's go check them out!!



Until next time!!!
Ciao <3

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Check this out!!!

I made this cutie for a good freind of mine as an apartment warming gift! It's her first apartment, so I made something special!

Isn't he cute!! See those wierd things on his back......thats cause its a toothbrush holder! YUP!!! Go me!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010


If there is a movie to see, its this one. Not just cause its popular or famous, but for the art. It is absolutely AMAZING. Pretty much the whole thing is computer animated. It is beautiful. James Cameron(director), has created this new world and everything in it. It is fantastic. I may be rambling, but it is just great. Its hard to find words to describe it. I saw it in 3D and that just added to the greatness of it. So basically....GO SEE THIS MOVIE!!!! Even if you're not into art, you will find this fantastic!!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010


Animation, its what I want to do more than anything. I feel like I'm having a hard time getting there and pursuing this goal. Trying to pursue a career in art can be scary sometimes. But in this day and age, pursuing your dreams can be scary. There is always the sense of "What if I fail?", "What if I can't find a job?", "Will I succeed?", "Am I pursuing the right degree?". Its a scary world out there and its hard to be prepared. But when things get tough and I feel this way, I just look at what inspires me the most and it helps. Here are some movies that continue to inspire me no matter how hard times get.

Wall-E by Pixar

This is always a great watch. The movie is just beautiful. Pixar has always had amazing art and stories.

Transformers by Michael Bay

This movie has amazing special effects, and I would love to do that too. The actual Transformers, the way they are modeled and they scenes when they transform are beautiful, they give me the chills.

Laputa, Castle in the Sky by Hayao Miyazaki

Miyazaki's movies are hard to explain in one word. They are magical, phenomenal, beautiful, inspiring...I could go on and on. His movies are true works of art and his movies always remind me what direction I need to go.

Princess and the Frog by Disney

I love Disney. And I am truly happy that they have made a movie in the classic hand drawn style. I appreciate that art so much. Disney is always great for making happily ever after tales that make you feel good.

Kung Fu Panda by DreamWorks

DreamWorks animation has always made great computer animated movies. This one here I actually have the art book to, and it is also quiet amazing, I never get tiered looking at the character design and concept art.

Titan A.E by Fox Animation Studios

Fox did some quite amazing movies back in the day. The style and art in this movie is fantastic, not to mention an amazing story line. So unique!

Star Trek by J.J. Abrams

Now this bad boy here has been a big inspiration to me. It is not specifically animation, but the effects are 3D rendered and animated, and this is something else I would be interested in pursuing. J.J Abram's did such an amazing job with this movie, I can't stop raving about it!

I want to add so many others, but I will stop here for now. I hope this info I have shared with you can help inspire you too!

Till next time,

and remember: DRAW DRAW DRAW!!!!

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

More Tablet Fun

So bear with me here, don't judge, just let me indulge. I am loving this tablet, so I made this, just for fun. I dug into a guilty obsession of mine and drew this up. Isn't he cute? lol. Anyways, all you tablet owners out there, any suggestions on the best brand and best size? I want to buy one of my own.


Ciao :D

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

First time for everything...

Hello everybody! Well today I am sharing with you my first creation on a tablet. You're probably thinking, "What?? You're and artist and you've never used a tablet before???!! What world are you living in!?" Well ya, I agree. It's taken me too long to realize the wounderful-ness of one. So here is my creation. It was going to be the header for my blog, but then I found this cute layout instead.

Till next time,

Pink Origami

Here is one project I've been working on. It is for my Japanese class, promoting breast cancer awareness. According to Japanese culture, if you make 1,000 origami cranes (Senbazuru), your wish will come true. So I have made over 200 of these cute little guys to support the cause. Some time next week, the leader of JASS( Japanese-American Student Society), will be headed down to drop them off to a local breast cancer center or hospital.

Thanks for reading! And please help keep the cause alive, so we can one day find the cure to all types of cancer!

Want to make your own origami crane? Here is a great tutorial on how to do so. This was very helpful for me!!

Just copy and paste!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


Here are some illustrations I did for my graphic novel class. They are pages from my bio. Included is a self portrait, bio, illustrated letter E and T (for Emily Thompson). All done with pen and ink...the cool kind where you dip the pen in the ink, not a ball point pen!!! DOH!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Lets get the ball rolling!

Welcome to my blog! This is my first post. Exciting right? Sure....well anyways, I'm creating this blog as a way to share my work with the world. My portfolio is small, but I'm going to work hard and make it BIGGER AND BETTER! So wish me luck, and here I go!