Monday, September 13, 2010


So me and some friends went down to Atlanta, GA this past weekend and we went to Dragon*Con...and let me tell you...IT WAS SOO AMAZING!!!!!!! There was so much to do and see! I cosplayed for the first time, which was a neat experience. It was really great cause for everyone who recognized my character they all wanted to take my picture! I was like a celebrity ahahah! :D I cosplayed scout from TF2. Now I've been thinking about other characters I'd like to Dr. Mrs. The Monarch or Moltov Cocktease lol...another TF2 character would be fun, but idk who I'd do! I definitely want to do a splicer from Bioshock, the one with the owl mask, since I like owls :D I'd love to do a Marvel superhero, but who? I'd like to stick to ginger ppl so that way I don't have to get a wig or dye my hair lol. Anyways, at the con I went to some awesome panels. I went to the Venture Bros. panel and the creators were there. They were so cool, they actually came out into the audience. I saw Stan Lee speak! That was so amazing!!!!!!! He is soooooo funny!!! And then I went to a Gargoyles the Animated series panel where the characters of Demona and Zanatos spoke. So many happy fun times!!! I made lots of friends too :D So hopefully I'll see them again next year or at other cons!

Here is me as Scout!!!!!

This is a costume I worked on and costuming is art right? RIGHT??? So I post this and share it with you all!!!! :D