Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Stoner Art

Now that my heading has grabbed your attention....here is some art i've done on limestone! Yes, lithography.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

God of War

In case you didn't know...God of War is a video game....ITS FREAKING AMAZING!!! Anyways...its spring break, I need to work on something...keep the creative juices flowing. So Mr. Kratos here has been some inspiration. This is a 15 minuet rough/jesture/sketch/warm-up...meh whatever you wanna call it, that I did in photoshop. I did it like water color...I made the colors really transparent and then built it up in layers.

Maybe if I have more free time, I'll come back to this and make it more of a final. :D


Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thought Bubbles

WELL this here is just for fun! Well sorta. For my Japanese 202 class we have to do a skit presentation for our final. It is quite and epic skit as a matter-o-fact! So as part of the skit, we let our minds drift and imagine our teacher in different scenarios. So for my part I had to draw a thought bubble of my teacher in Hello Kitty pj's having a tea party with Hello kitty and then a bubble of her as an Australian with a pet kangaroo and her saying Vegemite is delicious (WHICH IT IS NOT). So here you are! Some chibi Japanese-y class cuteness!


Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Different Idea

So I've changed my mind for my Lithography photo-plate. So I love the owl idea, but i don't think it works best for this project. So instead, I want to do an ukio-e like print, thanks to Utamaro san!

Ciao! <3

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Fun with Owls!

Owls have always been a fun subject matter for me when it comes to my art. Unfortunately owls are becoming overwhelmingly popular in any kind of art, be it from fashion design to mold making. But if it counts for anything, I've had owls in my art before they became so popular..so nyah nyah! :P haha! So here's some owl stuff I've been messing around with in Photoshop while trying to come up with an idea for a photo-plate for Lithography.

This is a neat one. I like the pose of the owl.

This pose is great too. I like how he is angled and about to take off. The contrast is really great too.

This one is ok. I really like the close up of the face and the idea of something trying to escape from the basic square border.

This one is cute. Its kind of Andy Warhole-like. I like the different styles and textures.

Well now you know my most current project!